Your fertility

This fact sheet explains a little about age and fertility.

If you have been asked to provide a semen sample for analysis, this fact sheet explains the process in more detail.

This booklet tells you all you need to know about endometriosis and the different approaches that may be able to help.

Discover the background to how the male reproductive system works, what can go wrong and the treatment options to get things back on track

Explore the causes of infertility, testing, methods to improve fertility and your treatment options.

Simple fertility treatment options

This fact sheet explains a simple fertility treatment that is often the first choice for couples to try before undertaking IVF.

This fact sheet explains the process of ovulation induction, which is commonly used as a first line of treatment to improve the chances of pregnancy for women who have irregular or infrequent menstrual cycles.

IVF and associated procedures

This fact sheet explains a fertilisation procedure used in IVF if the sperm does not reach ideal measures of effectiveness.

This fact sheet gives you information about pre-implantation genetic testing of embryos if you are considering this as part of your IVF treatment.

This fact sheet explains more about sperm retrieval procedures for men who do not produce sperm in their semen.

This fact sheet is for anyone who is considering IVF or about to start treatment. It explains the treatment process in detail.

This fact sheet explains how culturing embryos to ‘blastocyst stage’ improves the chances of pregnancy.

Freezing embryos, eggs and sperm

This fact sheet explains what is involved in the Frozen Embryo Transfer process if you have frozen embryos from earlier IVF cycles.

This fact sheet explains more about the advantages and disadvantages of freezing embryos, eggs and sperm.

Egg, sperm and embryo donation

If you are considering donating embryos, this fact sheet will give you an overview of what is involved and help you decide if embryo donation is for you.

This fact sheet is for men who are considering donating sperm. It explains the procedures and your legal rights.

If you are considering donating eggs or have been accepted to donate, this fact sheet explains the medical procedures in more detail.

If you are considering being an egg donor at Life Fertility Clinic, this fact sheet will answer many of the questions you may have.

Treatment using donated eggs, sperm and embryos

This fact sheet explains the options and treatment processes using donated sperm.

This fact sheet explains the considerations and treatment processes involved in using donated embryos.

Many of our patients decide to or need to create their family using donated eggs. This fact sheet explains the options, considerations and treatment processes involved.


This fact sheet will provide you with an overview of the surrogacy process in Queensland.

Risks and complications

This fact sheet outlines some of the reasons that miscarriages may unfortunately occur and suggests what to do next in terms of further treatment.

If your fertility specialist suspects that you may have an ectopic pregnancy or thinks that you are at risk of having one, this fact sheet will help you understand the condition and treatment.

This fact sheet will help you understand some of the risks associated with fertility treatment and IVF.

Medications and support services

This fact sheet provides an overview of the counselling, support and other resources available at Life Fertility Clinic to help manage the stress that may be associated with fertility treatment.

This fact sheet gives you an overview of the drugs that you may be prescribed during your fertility or IVF treatment.

This booklet explores the different emotions you and your partner may be feeling at different points in your diagnosis and treatment.