Life Fertility believes in an open mind and collaborative care for the patient’s best results. We are happy to partner with practitioners who are helping the patient’s overall health and well-being using complementary methods.

Your work to keep the patient relaxed and in balance will also help give the best environment for a successful pregnancy.

If you get to the stage where your methods haven’t helped achieve a pregnancy, please consider referring your patient to Life Fertility for a comprehensive diagnosis and new avenues of potential treatment.

The following may be indicators that your patient would benefit from our help:

Two years without success under 35
Assuming your patient is having sexual intercourse regularly and you have done your best to help them, it would be wise to have a comprehensive diagnosis after two years of trying. We may be able to identify underlying conditions in either the woman or man (or both) that are contributing to the lack of success.

Woman over 35
With women’s eggs declining steeply in quality and quantity between the age of 35 and 40, there is no time to lose in seeking fertility treatments like IVF if all else is failing. Fertility often declines long before peri-menopause and the earlier a client comes to us, the better chance we have of helping them.

Clients with a history of endometriosis can be very difficult to treat with complementary methods and may need surgical intervention and/or hormonal medication to make pregnancy possible. We can arrange a laparoscopy to identify the extent of the problem and your patient can then make a decision on how they want to move forward from there.

Cancer treatment fertility preservation
If you have cancer patients of child-bearing age who are about to undergo fertility-destroying surgery or chemotherapy, please consider referring them to Life Fertility for the possibility of freezing eggs or sperm (or creating embryos for freezing) to give them future possibilities for a family. This can make their diagnosis less devastating and give them a more positive outlook.