Whether you have patients with gynecological issues that may create problems for their future fertility, or couples who are struggling to become pregnant, we have specialists who will undertake a thorough diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan based on the latest clinical research. Our clinic, under the direction of Dr Glenn Sterling, has leading facilities for IVF and other fertility treatments plus our own scientific team undertaking testing and procedures.

Our approach is always to do a thorough investigation before putting a patient through IVF. Often a laparoscopic investigation or other tests reveal a simpler path to a pregnancy. If IVF is necessary, we do everything possible to minimise the cycles needed and enhance the chances of success.

Please also remember to send clients of child-bearing age for a fertility consultation before they undergo fertility-threatening cancer treatments. We may be able to give them a chance of being a parent in future and make their diagnosis less devastating.

A personal partnership
As one of Australia’s leading fertility clinics, we operate to the very highest standards and will report back to you with all our findings and treatment recommendations so we can work together for your patients’ well-being. Feel free to call on +61 7 3606 3131 and ask to speak to Dr Glenn Sterling to discuss your patient’s needs – if he is not immediately available, he will call you back.