Healthy bodies and minds give you the best chance of becoming pregnant and coping with the challenges along the way.

We can advise on a program to ease the stresses and help you stay healthy and positive.

Psychologist counselling
It’s absolutely normal to feel all sorts of emotions and uncertainties when you’re undergoing fertility treatments and most people find it really helps to talk about their doubts and develop coping strategies. We offer you a free counselling session with every IVF egg retrieval cycle (which can be used any time up to four months after the procedure). Our counsellors are also available for further sessions for any fertility-related issues for a fee. Please ask for current prices and request an appointment.

Compulsory psychologist consultation for donor-enabled treatment
If you are planning to use donor sperm, eggs or embryos, it is compulsory to have two free sessions with our counsellor to explore the possible emotional issues and future feelings that may be a result of this treatment pathway. Please make the most of this opportunity to ask questions and consider whether this is the right option for you. Our aim is happy parents who fully understand the implications so they can raise happy children.

Ask our Scientific Director
If you’re feeling confused by some of the scientific processes and options available, or want to understand what exactly is happening in the embryology laboratory, you can book a free consultation with our Scientific Director. She will take you step-by-step through all the things you need to know for a deeper understanding of your treatment options or your past difficulties with getting pregnant. Liz is a gifted communicator and will help make the science a whole lot more human.

Massage service
A complimentary session with our massage therapist is included with every IVF cycle to help you relax and to ease those bodily stresses and tensions. Further sessions can be booked should you want them. Please ask for current prices and request an appointment.

Yoga classes
Our complimentary onsite yoga classes are led by a selected teacher who understands the special needs of fertility patients and pregnancy. This is a practice that will not only help your health and relaxation now but will also give you ways to maintain suppleness and strength through pregnancy and beyond. We currently have one weekly class at our Spring Hill clinic but hope to extend this in future. Please ask at reception for class times.