Dr Rachael Knight, Dr Raelia Lew and the team at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne, are one of the most competitively priced Full Service IVF clinics in Victoria.

If you are considering fertility treatment it is important to remember that not everyone needs IVF. Dr Rachael Knight and the team at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne can also help you if your personal situation requires a simpler approach, for example low cost ovulation induction or artificial insemination (IUI).

We know that treatment costs can be confusing, and we are always happy to answer any questions that you may have.

How much does IVF Cost in Melbourne?

At Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne we think it’s important that you understand all of the costs associated with your IVF treatment. The costs in the below table also includes all of the consultations with Dr Rachael Knight or Dr Raelia Lew (that are associated with your IVF treatment cycle), as well as an estimate of your Day Hospital fees.

If you are comparing the costs at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne to other IVF Clinics in Melbourne, it is important to make sure that the IVF costs you are comparing also includes doctor consultations and hospital fees.

Provided below are the out-of-pocket costs (IVF costs after all Medicare Rebates and Safety Net Benefits are claimed) associated with a typical IVF treatment cycle (Freeze all IVF Cycle, followed by Frozen Embryo Transfer) at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne. However, every patient is unique and we will always provide you with a formal quote once your personalised IVF treatment plan has been finalised.

Treatment – First IVF Cycle in a calendar year – freeze all embryos Medicare Item Code Approx. Cost (after Medicare Rebates and Safety net refund)
IVF treatment cycle, doctor consultations, nurse appointments, scans 13200 $2,735
IVF cycle management and egg collection 13209, 13212 $1,545
Day Hospital fees

Anaesthetist fees

Not Applicable $0-$1,740

(depending on your Private Health Insurance, if you have it)

Medication (estimate) Not Applicable $250
Embryo freezing and 12 months storage Not Applicable Included
TOTAL $4,530 – $7,270 approx.

As part of your IVF Freeze All Cycle any suitable embryos created are frozen. You will then typically have a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle. Your first FET will cost you around $740 (this includes all your doctor fees, procedure fees, treatment room fees, and is your final cost after Medicare Rebates have been received).

If you are comparing costs with other clinics in Melbourne you should ask them for costs associated with all the items listed above. Some clinics only quote the price for Medicare item code 13200 on their websites.

Your subsequent IVF cycle costs (in the same calendar year) will be reduced and cost approx. $2,635 (more if you do not have private health insurance).

If you are having treatment using Donor Sperm, this can be done in Brisbane, and there are additional costs and you can find these costs here. There are also additional costs if you are accessing donor eggs (through our Brisbane Donor Program) are going through our Brisbane Surrogacy Program.

How much does Egg Freezing cost in Melbourne?

Elective egg freezing is an increasingly popular option for women who want to preserve their fertility for future pregnancy. Egg freezing at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne gives you the flexibility to start a family when the time is right for you.

At Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne, you can expect a fee of $5,100 for your first egg freezing cycle (this includes 12 months storage). For subsequent cycles in the same calendar year, the fee is $4,800.

Medications for the treatment, which can vary, will be an additional fee of approximately $1,500 paid to the pharmacy. Counselling is needed prior to the first cycle and costs approximately $110.

There are additional fees associated with egg collection at Frances Perry House. You should expect to pay up to $1,750 to the hospital, and up to $450 to the anaesthetist.

At Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne, you can expect exceptional care and support from Dr Rachael Knight and Dr Raelia Lew. We will work closely with you to create a personalised treatment plan that suits your individual needs, ensuring you receive the best possible chance of success. You can rest assured that you will be in good hands throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to post-procedure follow-up care.

What are my Fertility Treatment Options?

Dr Rachael Knight, Dr Raelia Lew and the team at Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne can also offer you other fertility treatment options including:

Dr Rachael Knight, Dr Raelia Lew and the team and Life Fertility Clinic Melbourne can also provide more advanced investigative and treatment options if needed. These include:

  • Surgical investigations – including laparoscopy (if indicated)
  • IVF
  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing of embryos
  • Second Opinion – after failed IVF cycles at another clinic
  • Consultations with our Scientific Director

If you have an enquiry or would like to book an appointment either call us or complete the form below.