Advances in fertility treatments are helping many more people to achieve the family they have dreamt of but there are always a few people for whom a successful pregnancy will never be an option. These include women who have had a hysterectomy, major gynecological problems or reproductive system cancers that have required invasive treatment. Male couples or single men also need a surrogate’s help to have a family.

Life Fertility Clinic are renowned across Australia for our expertise in helping create families though surrogacy. We did the first Surrogacy case in Queensland, and the first twin surrogacy in Queensland.

With far fewer babies available for adoption than in earlier decades, it is not surprising that many people turn to surrogacy.

If this emerges as the best option for you, please talk to us about the possibilities.

Friends or relations
Your best option by far for a surrogate mother is a close friend or relative who wants to see you achieve your dream of family. If you have a potential surrogate in mind, come and see us together and we’ll talk you through how we can work with you and everyone’s legal rights.

Volunteer surrogates
It is illegal in all states of Australia to accept payment for being a surrogate and it is unusual to find volunteers. However it is always worth exploring the avenues for finding a volunteer before you consider going overseas with its significant risks.

Overseas surrogates
Some of the countries (like India and Thailand) that have previously had a trade in surrogate pregnancies have recently changed their laws and those who go outside the law have no protection and the risk of not being able to bring their baby back to Australia. Conditions and health care are often bad for surrogate mothers and there is also significant risk of fraud. Life Fertility recommends exploring all other avenues before considering this route.

If you want to volunteer as a surrogate mother
If you would like to help someone else have the baby they have longed for by becoming a surrogate mother, we would love to hear from you and could match you with someone registered with us. Of course you can specify in which sort of situation you would like to help and we can advise you on both the joys and potential challenges of this generous action.

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