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    Free Nurse Consultation – This free, 30-minute consultation will suit you if you are a new patient who wants to discuss your options with a fertility expert and find out how we can help. You will meet with one of our fertility nurses, who are highly trained and experienced in all areas of fertility treatment. If you can’t visit the clinic, or live outside of Brisbane, this consultation can be arranged over the phone.

    Fertility Specialist Consultation – If you are a new patient, have already had a Life Fertility nurse consultation in the past or have had unsuccessful fertility treatment elsewhere and want to get a second opinion, you can make an appointment with one of our specialists. Most patients are eligible for the Medicare rebate on this consultation. If you live outside of Brisbane, this can be done via our teleconsultation service.

    To book an appointment either call us on +61 7 3606 3131 or complete the form below.

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