Dr Elizabeth Butler

Scientific Director
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BSc (Hons), Ph.D.

Elizabeth (Liz) Butler is an experienced clinical embryologist with a Ph.D. in developmental biology. She has worked in IVF for over 20 years and has set up and run fertility treatment laboratories internationally, providing high specification facilities focused on excellent technical skills and best outcomes.

Liz is an articulate and friendly communicator who is always willing to explain the more technical details and implications of treatment to patients, GPs and complementary practitioners. ‘Patients are welcome to make an appointment to review their past and future treatment with Liz as part of our Health and Wellness program options.

For Liz, maintaining the highest possible standards, which translates into high success rates for patients, is a passion and her guidance keeps the team at Life Fertility operating on the leading edge. She maintains a global dialogue with the fertility treatment community to identify any emerging and proven enhancements to procedures that will improve outcomes.

The determined energy that Liz brings to endurance sports in her leisure time is also very much in evidence in her daily management of Life Fertility’s scientific services. Only the very best service in every detail and 100% commitment to success are good enough in caring for patients and helping them realise their dreams of parenthood.

Liz also has dreams of life after Life. She secretly wants to run away and set up shop as a florist. Yes, she is quite the dreamer.