In a natural pregnancy an egg and sperm meet in the fallopian tube where fertilisation takes place and the resulting embryo usually implants in the uterine lining. The complex processes involved in egg and sperm production and fertilisation create numerous opportunities for something to go wrong.
Infertility is impairment in the ability to achieve pregnancy. There are multiple causes including both male and female factors that cause infertility.  The team at Life Fertility Clinic offers patients the opportunity to work with their treating fertility specialist to address their individual treatment needs.

Your referring fertility specialist will conduct a thorough and comprehensive assessment and provide you with the opportunity to discuss a range of fertility options. The information you receive will give you a broad understanding of some of the aspects relating to your particular situation. During your treatment at Life Fertility Clinic you will remain under the care of your individual fertility specialist who will advise on the best course of treatment for you. The goal of your fertility specialist and the Life team is to provide you with diagnostic and therapeutic options tailored specifically to you.

Many paths – There are many treatments our goal is finding what’s right for you.

Diagnoses and treatment will vary according to the individual fertility needs of the couple.  By selecting the most appropriate treatments, we optimise your chance of success. Your specialist will plan and monitor all treatment and attend to all required procedures for your specific cycle. During your treatment cycle your fertility specialist along with the Life team  will work closely with you to provide the care, support and expertise to achieve your goal. Continuing care before, during and after your treatment cycles complements your fertility care.

Not all couples require In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) procedures.

For many patients there is no need to undergo IVF treatment.  All that may be required is to simply monitor  ovulation, along with hormonal support and intrauterine insemination or timed sexual intercourse.