Life Fertility would like to share its leading fertility science and treatments with you wherever in Queensland you live – and even if you are interstate or overseas.

We can streamline the process to minimise trips to Brisbane and make sure we don’t keep you waiting. For instance, we can arrange an initial consultation, semen analysis and/or sperm storage, and laparoscopy (if needed) on the same day.

Procedures like IVF will require a short visit to Brisbane to collect your eggs. If the plan for your treatment is to transfer the embryos back to your uterus in the same cycle, this will involve another appointment with us five days later. Much of the rest of your treatment plan can be managed remotely with local doctors doing appropriate tests and monitoring.

We can do video consultations with you and give you ongoing support by phone and email. Book a consultation.

How it works
Your first consultation with our fertility specialist can be arranged via a teleconference or video conferencing.  You may be eligible for a Medicare rebate on video consultations if you are within Australia. Read more here.

The doctor will then refer you for the appropriate blood tests and other investigations to be carried out locally.

Depending on the treatment plan, you may not need to visit our clinic initially.

If investigative procedures like laparoscopy or treatment procedures like IVF or surgical sperm retrieval become necessary, it is possible to stay in Brisbane close to our clinic and undertake the necessary treatment.

We have arranged discounts for our out-of-town patients with selected hotels nearby. Read more on our Accommodation Partners page.

For couples where the man works away or is unable to predict when he will be available, we can store a semen sample if he can attend the clinic on one occasion. With his consent, the frozen sperm can then be used in treatment for his partner if he is not available.

Your follow-up checks to monitor whether the pregnancy has been successful can be done closer to where you live and reported back to your consultant.

We will do whatever we can to make the process easy for you so you only have to focus on staying healthy and relaxed.

Getting started
When you are ready to go ahead, simply get in touch and tell us that you would like to manage your initial consultation and treatment plan from where you live. We’ll explain in more detail how we can work together at a distance. Call us on +61 7 3606 3131 or request an appointment online.

If you have an enquiry call us on +61 7 3606 3131 or complete the form below.