Life Fertility Complimentary Care

Sometimes IVF and infertility treatment just becomes too hard to cope with on your own. If you require extra help then we have fully qualified and accredited psychologists to help you through the tough times. Call Life Fertility Clinic on 07 3606 3131 and let us know how we can help you and put you in contact with our trained professionals at our fertility clinic.

Our nursing staff at Life Fertility Clinic are the best in the business and can give you good advice very quickly. They care for patients in the traditional way but have been given special training in the area of IVF and ART. They are readily available and can help in all aspects of your treatment and are able to direct your questions and concerns to the most appropriate person. Contact our nurses at Life Fertility Clinic on  07 3606 3131.

Technical and laboratory questions are best dealt with by the scientists who take care of your embryology. Under the direction of Dr Liz Butler PhD, our scientists are very approachable and will provide all the answers that you require to satisfy your need to understand the finer details of IVF and fertility treatment. The scientists can be contacted by calling the Life Fertility Clinic on 07 3606 3131.